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EngagedMD is a healthcare platform for patient education and online consenting that improves health outcomes and enables providers to focus on what matters.

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EngagedMD entered the market to allow patients to be truly informed before consenting to medical procedures, and quickly proved their concept. Patients in multiple healthcare settings have overwhelmingly found their system and content to be helpful in preparing them for upcoming procedures. You can learn more about what patients have to say in the fields of Fertility and Gastroenterology to get a feel for how valuable this tool is and how it is hard to imagine that any medical practice would not be beating down their door to partner with them. But the need for staff at these facilities to have an additional login to an additional system, and to enter patient data in multiple places started to slow adoption.

In order to support further growth, EngagedMD needed a way to alleviate the time and effort required for staff administration so that more patients could take advantage of their system. By adopting the hcdEX platform, they were able to integrate directly with partner EMR/EHR systems in a cost effective and HIPAA compliant manner. Now, staff members go about their daily tasks and patients are on boarded to the EngagedMD application behind the scenes, seamlessly. In fact, this growth has led to a much better problem to have: the need to derive insights from the vast amount of data in their application.

EngagedMD again turned to the hcdEX platform to synchronize their database to Google’s BigQuery data warehouse so that they can run reports, derive insights, and further improve their application and content. They searched what was available out there, and were shocked at how much the pricing for such synchronization services skyrocket once the execution of a BAA is requested.

With hcdEX, we only process medical/healthcare data so a BAA is assumed and HIPAA compliance is in our DNA. Is your organization ready to take the plunge into HIPAA compliant data exchange in the same way?